If you landed on this page, you must be super busy and excited organising your next (or first) incredible event, conference, retreat or a long-awaited get-together with your teams. Finding a charismatic, confident and inspiring speaker who can connect with your audience, speak from first-hand experience, yet align with your goals and budget, is a dream come true.

Am I the right keynote speaker for your event? Let me help you decide.

Firstly, check out my Showreel below, if you haven’t yet. Videos and images are worth a million words!

If you liked what you watched, this is a great start. Now let’s get practical, as you might have some very important questions for me in order to find out if I’m the right fit for your event.

What do you get hired to speak about?

As an international Keynote Speaker, I frequently speak about:

  • The Future of tech, games, entertainment, its impact on human evolution and what these future trends mean for you and your organisations
  • My 10-year journey as a female founder of a high growth innovative games business
  • Marketing to Gen Z
  • Diversity in the workplace
  • The power of being a MULTI

You can read more about the MULTI ethos I live by on MY STORY.

Do you deliver keynotes online or in real-life events?

Long story short: both! In the last ten years, I’ve delivered talks to audiences of 10 to 700 people – in real life and online. You can see below one of the biggest stages I had the pleasure of giving a speech at. That was nothing less than the IMAX Cinema at Disney Paris Village. A dream stage to be on, inspiring hundreds of people at once.

The 55+ videos I created, scripted and presented for my YouTube channel have made me super comfortable talking to the camera as if I could see my audience in the eyes. I have the right gear and tech ready for it.

Be it on stage or in front of the camera, I’m equally passionate about sharing my most valuable knowledge. 

Who hired you as a public speaker before?

Some of my previous clients include Ocado, Festival of Marketing, Disney (European Study Tours), Forbes, KTN, Women in Games, Women in Tech Festival and Financial Times. On the home page, right below my Speaker Showreel, you can find a selection of the testimonials I was given by my talk’s attendees and events organisers who had me on stage and online.

Why you?

I love personalising a talk for you, bringing the most relevant expertise I gained during 20 years of first-hand experience in setting a future vision, starting, failing and scaling up companies. I’ve launched dozens of innovative products & games worldwide and helped leaders take bold actions to grow their businesses while improving their leadership.

So you can ensure your audience is not hearing anything from a traditional old school consultant who never lived the real challenges within your organisation which now has teams of Gen Z and Millennials like me.

What’s your style?

Expect my natural upbeat and futurist perspectives, a charismatic mix of Brazilian energy with David Bowie’s always-reinventing-himself vibes. A bit of hope, spark and desire for a better future – something we all need now in our post-pandemic world. I positively provoke your audiences with my unique entrepreneurial mindset and predictions of what the future holds for us. Some people say I already live in the future. Maybe David Bowie would agree?

Tell me more about you beyond being an Entrepreneur and Keynote Speaker.

As a storyteller and magnetic leader, I love expanding my horizons through my podcast – Hyper Curious. This is where I interview game-changers, authors and artists who follow their curiosity to achieve great things in their lives and careers. You can check the episodes HERE.

Coming up, I’ve also got TV appearances as a judge, expert and presenter, due to air in 2022. Watch this space!

Personally, I listen deeply, share passionately and create profusely. I love living in London, singing, matcha latte, my life partner, my family, and angel investing in ambitious founders – not necessarily in this order 🙂

Now it’s your turn! ⚡️ Am I what you’re looking for?

Then, I would love to hear YOUR NEEDS for your next event.

Get in touch HERE.