Roberta Lucca

entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, and Angel Investor in London, UK

Roberta Lucca

entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, and Angel Investor in London, UK

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Hi there, I'm Roberta, aka Beta Lucca, a female entrepreneur, co-founder and CMO @ Bossa Studios, a keynote speaker and angel investor. I was born in Brazil and started many businesses in London, where I live for 13 years.

I'm a compulsive learner, love inspiring and being inspired by people. My obsession is to push myself to be better every day and hobbies include going on stage to do StandUp Comedy to connect with people through laughing.

I was thrilled to be listed Forbes Top 50 Women in Tech, London's Most Influential in Creative Arts by the Evening Standard, and have won a BAFTA Award for one of my games.

Bossa is a games developer & publisher renowned for our genre-defining video games created with influencers and loved by millions of people worldwide.

I love being in the business of making people feel happy, connected and have a laugh with like-minded tribes through playing the games we create.

In the last 9 years, Bossa went from a blank canvas into a multi-million-dollar business, backed by some of the largest VC funds in Europe.

Having both succeeded and failed in key areas of starting and growing multiple businesses, raising millions in investment, launching products and leading teams, I love sharing my lessons learned as a keynote speaker, and creator on my own YouTube channel – Beta Lucca.

Forbes, BBC, Reuters, Sky News, The Guardian, Evening Standard, Huffington Post, TechCrunch, Management Today, Financial Times, Disney Channel, Venture Beat, Telegraph and Wired are some of the publications in which my companies, products and I have been featured.

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A wonderful presentation. We were thrilled. As a non-gaming person, I thought it was fascinating. And I also thought her call for greater philosophical thought around how we continue our development of all things AI was rather important.
I found Roberta to be a very engaging and dynamic speaker with a down to earth eloquence that got her point across in a way that really resonated with the young audience. She has an infectious drive and passion for her work and I think aspiring entrepreneurs would greatly benefit from hearing what she has to say.
Thank you so much for your time and for your advice. I really appreciated your honesty and sage advice. You are an inspiration!
Attendee of one of my keynotes
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